Wednesday, March 14, 2007

News Picks: Falling market, China manipulation, Buffett holdings

I am currently subscribed to over 40 different investment and financial news feeds. And indeed there are a lot of noise out there for the average investor. Here are some recent news picks from The Picky Investor.

The stock market has more room to fall according to BCA Research.

China is manipulating its own stock exchange: InvestorInsight.

Morningstar cherry picks 6 stocks from Warren Buffett's 39 holdings. (Editor's note: Wal-Mart, on top of getting a Morningstar 5-star and being in Buffett's holding, is also held by Joel Greenblatt and makes up 45% of Joel's total holdings. Greenblatt has a 10-year annualized return of 50% at Gotham Capital. Buffett's 42-year investment record at Berkshire Hathaway is 21.4%. Stay tuned for an analysis of Wal-Mart.)

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